About The Translation World

 The Translation World is a language services company specializing in translation, transcription, editing and proofreading services. The Translation World was established with the aim of providing a platform of economic empowerment to language practitioners whilst developing their skills within the specialist language practicing field and filling a need in the society.

Our strength lies in this team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who strongly believe in the slogan of our company—delivering quality on time. We are guided by this slogan in every aspect of service we offer. We assign each document only to a professional and qualified translator, editor, and proof reader with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. We believe that quality and timeousness are like the two sides of a coin—one cannot be delivered at the expense of the other. Therefore, we offer you high quality and a fast turn-around at a reasonable rate.

The Translation World employs cutting-edge translation memory, glossary and terminology management tools in some languages. We have made substantial investments in terminology database software and translation memory tools. These tools enable us to recover the text of an existing translation and to recycle it for future projects. Additionally, these tools are used to build glossaries, which are then used by our translators who have access to them. These glossaries help to maintain consistency of the terminology used from one product to another and among reviewers and linguists.


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